It can get quite hectic. The camera is on constant charge and Facebook/Email always open for event invites. Its great! In one week I managed to catch The DeRellas, Dirt Royal, Ruts DC, UK Feds and more, and I will be adding reviews to this site after I attend a concert. This will cover important things like sound, lighting, performances and the all important merchandise stands.

The cameras – this one might cause a stir with music/band fans. I rage at people filming gigs as much as the next. However, even if I can grab thirty seconds of noisy and grainy footage it will hopefully capture the atmosphere better than the endless production of notes. I do this, if I can, to try and capture and bottle the vibe of the gig and the band.

I work hard to get those shots on my camera, always on the move and adjusting settings. The aim is to capture the band in stills – either in black and white or colour. No Flash! I always seek permission from the artist and let them have some of the pictures for them to use. If the artist doesn’t like the pictures – then they go no further. Its a question of trust. You earn the trust and recognition and maybe, just maybe you might get that golden ticket – the Access All Areas pass.

Meet the crowds.
The crowd – taken from the stage.

Its great to get feedback and to see the artist publish your pictures to their Facebook page. Here is an example – UK FEDs

UK Feds
Pictures and comment on Facebook page.

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