Go Go The DeRellas – Glam a pogo! Live show in Brighton, October 2015.

The DeRellas
The DeRellas live

The venue was hot, very hot and packed with fans old and new. The band line up for the show was Robbie Tart (ex Vibrators), Timmy DeRella, Luca Comencini and Mark Bishop.

A burst of 1-2-3-4 and the band furiously blasted into Go Go DeRellas. One minute of infectious rock and roll and you knew what to look forward to for the next hour. Let me tell you – these guys are fast, loud and mesmerising.  This is glam-punk stomping at its very best. Timmy DeRella is so super charged its hard to keep up with him, and even harder to photograph, and boy can he hit that bass guitar. The bass supporting Mark Bishop on drums for the night – a devastatingly fast and tight rhythm combo providing the back drop to the guitars and vocals.  Robbie Tart has a stage presence all his own, many lead vocalists would perhaps envy. He engaged with the audience from the first “Go Go DeRellas”. Superb vocals, chat and humour through the entire set. Luca Comencini is a fabulous guitar player and supplied backing vocals with the other members of the band. His solo during the hit single Rock n Rollercoaster, and Don’t Go was breathtaking. I had seen Luca providing guitar for the fabulous SpizzEnergi earlier in the year. He is a guitar playing power house and he glides across the stage effortlessly delivering acoustic goodness!

The DeRellas - Live
The DeRellas – Live

The songs just kept coming, the single She’s A Pistol, Stick It To The Man, Kids Wanna Slam and many more. The audience seemed to know the lyrics to all the tracks throwing their vocal weight into the mix. Brilliant!

The DeRellas Live – ROCK N ROLLERCOASTER  (video from Brighton gig)

The DeRellas Live – Dont Go (video from Brighton gig)

The band played tracks from both albums Hollywood Monsters and Slam Bam. The songs capture the spirit of punk, 70’s glam and some damn fine rock and roll, all delivered with gusto. The audience lapped it up, every blistering note. The last song was Mutha F***er and they were finished to rapturous applause. Where had that hour gone?

I was fortunate to meet the band before the set, and they are a great, friendly bunch all oozing with talent, character and humour. One of the most exciting bands you could wish to see live. And would I see them live again? Definately.

The Venue: The Prince Albert, Brighton
An intimate venue so you can get up as close as you want. The sound was good considering the size of the venue. The lighting was ok, but needs some attention as parts of the stage at times were very dark and difficult to see Timmy Derella at times. Could do with a little more overall stage brightness.

Merchandise Stall
A great selection of T shirts etc at great prices. A band logo T – black with white logo or Slam Bam would set you back a very reasonable £10.00. Badges and CD’s and Vinyl also on sale. Timmy DeRella was on hand after the show at the merch stall which is great so people could go and say “hi”.

pageAll words, images and video – copyright Ian Bourn/Mediaworks

The DeRellas on Facebook

The DeRellas website/store


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