RUTS DC live at the Komedia, Brighton: October 2015

Never seen the Ruts DC live before?

Ruts DC live in Brighton at The Komedia

The Ruts were formed in 1977 and were a reggae-influenced British punk rock band, notable for the 1979 Top 10 hit “Babylon’s Burning”, and an earlier single “In a Rut”.  The Ruts DC live show consists of songs representing their many stages and phases of their career and not leaving out the well loved classic versions of Ruts songs “Babylons’ Burning”, “Jah War”, “Staring at the Rude Boys”, and so many more!

The Ruts DC have reverted back to a trio line up formation. The line up for the show included two remaining original Ruts members – Segs Jennings and Dave Ruffy – and both provide a full and exciting powerhouse rhythm section for Leigh Heggarty to power through on guitar.

The audience drew closer to the stage and formed a “polite” semi-circle. A mixed audience, young and old and some newer RUTS DC T shirts proudly worn and among those some more vintage attire.

The first blast of sound was “Surprise” and got things underway to a great start, followed quickly by “Mighty Soldier”.  Segs gave the audience some between songs chatter and humour. I hadn’t seen The Ruts DC live before – but two songs in and I realised this was a special gig.  The band had warmed to the crowd, the sound was tight then “Back Biter” and “It was Cold” followed. They powered through more songs and an almost breathless and hot Segs at one stage, with a glass of water, said “this is like the old days”.

(video: Andy Miller and Audio remix and FX: Ian Bourn/Media Works)

Dave Ruffy provided the beats sitting at the back of the stage with the Ruts DC flag draped on the wall behind him. Boy, did he work hard and of course providing the “support” for Segs superb bass playing. A great combination. Leigh and Segs had been seen earlier talking to fans before the set, which seemed to go down well. Its great to see that the old “untouchable” aspect of many bands seems to be dissolving and bands now want to meet fans and chat and even for that selfie!  Much respect to any artist who can get out there and meet the audience.  The fans love and respect you more for that.

Leigh and his guitar, what can you say apart from stunning. He made that guitar growl and at times sigh depending on the song. A quick on the fly re-tune didn’t put him or the rest of the band out of step. They nailed it.

The RUTS DC live
The RUTS DC live

“Jah Wars” and “Rude Boys” were also included in this set. Then Dave Ruffy set a pounding drum rhythm, Leigh bowed over his guitar and the opening “Babylons Burning” riff filled the venue. The semi-circle now disintegrated and people threw themselves forward – this was it! It went off big time as some danced, some pogo’d but everybody loved it!

Watch The Ruts DC: Babylons Burning – live in Brighton – (video: Andy Miller and Audio remix and FX: Ian Bourn)

I think it is safe to say the audience had a great night, the band looked as if they could have played on for another hour. Brilliant. Well done and thank you Ruts DC, we all had a blast and great to see you.

The Venue: The Komedia, Brighton
A fair sized venue but importantly you can get up as close as you want. The sound was pretty good and loud enough considering the size of the venue. The bar was close, out of sight of the stage area but you could definitely hear everything. There also was visible security which I guess is reassuring for some. The lighting was pretty good, but some of the lights could have been positioned a little better, but over all pretty good.

Merchandise Stall
A great selection of T shirts etc. These were high quality T’s with coloured print and were around £25. Badges, CD’s and Vinyl were also on sale. Got to say “Hi” to Rhiannon who was running the very busy merch desk and taking photos!

The Ruts DC
The Ruts DC Live in Brighton 2015

The Ruts DC on Facebook

The Ruts DC website/store

All words and images – copyright Ian Bourn/Mediaworks

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