Good Sculptures in Brighton as The Rezillos zero in on Concorde 2

The Rezillos

Fay Fife on vocals and keyboards
Eugene Reynolds on vocals and guitar
Angel Paterson on drums
Jim Brady on guitars and vocals
and Chris Agnew on bass guitar

The Rezillos ripped into the rock scene through a shared love of Sixties Garage Rock, the Spectoresque Girl Group voice of The Shangri Las injected with their inimitable molten attitude and created their unique left-field brand of punk rock and roll. They stormed the charts back then with the now classic “Top Of The Pops”. In March 2015 The Rezillos released their long awaited second album ‘Zero’ to much acclaim. The album was developed and recorded over an 18 month period. In slight contrast to their first album “Cant Stand The Rezillos” all songs on the album are self penned originals. The album continues the band’s tradition and draws from the unholy howl of rock and roll laced with searing vocal.

This the fourth tour of the year for The Rezillos. Two UK tours and two tours in the USA and Canada.

House lights dimmed, the thundering opening from that TV series you couldn’t quite remember filled the venue, everyone moved up and the bar area cleared! White piercing scanner spots pierced the smoke and danced across the stage and audience….. “Stingray, Stingray…”

The Rezillos bounced onto the stage and took their positions. Jim Brady came forward “you alright” looking into the crowd smiling from ear to ear. Jim was ready! Fay said she hoped everyone was going to have a good night.

The ear melting opening riff from “Cant Stand My Baby” hit us between the eyes. Here we go! Fay pounced forward – she was ready! Eugene, guitar in hand moved towards the front, his distinct glasses catching the light, the poise, the presence, he was ready. Drums from Angel piled in, he was ready. Chris’ bass thumped out hitting us full in the chest, he was ready. Stand by for action Brighton. The Rezillos were here and they looked as if they meant business! The audience were ready! The Rezillos are go…

The Rezillos - Live in Brighton at Concorde 2
The Rezillos – Live in Brighton at Concorde 2

The song that greeted us and blasted at us at full speed was “I Can’t Stand My Baby”. How do they do that? Straight onto the stage, grab the audience by the collar as if to say “C’mere, you’re with us now”!

Fay looked stunning, sporting a leopard skin jacket and some new threads since I last saw them. She grabbed the mic off the stand, and with her head bowed, she let rip with that full Fay Fife force. Taking only a second to snuggle up to Jim whilst singing “I like to touch toys”. Jim and Fay colliding, guitars screaming and strobes flashing. The Rezillos were not going to let us go until they were finished with us!

Hardly stopping to catch breath Eugene introduced “Bad Guy Reaction”. This a great track from the sublime “Cant Stand The Rezillos” album from all those years ago. It didn’t matter – it sounded just as fresh and exciting as it did when released. Chris launched into another older song with the recognisable bass line to “Flying Saucer Attack”. Jim and Eugene performing those guitar riffs the crowd loved. Eugene hovering over the stage in his sunglasses, guitar slung behind him, and grabbing a mic for his vocals. Sometimes he would sidle up to Jim and peer out into the venue. Chris kept the well loved bass riff running, working with Angel to provide the rhythm and support. He makes it look effortless. Anyone who has played a bass guitar to a Rezillos track will know it isn’t as easy as Chris makes it look.

The crowd were now fully in The Rezillos mode as Eugene and Fay introduced “Groovy Room“, a track from the latest album “Zero”. Eugene delivered in his own style along with vocals supplied by Fay and Jim. Straight into another, destined to be a classic, track from “Zero” and it was “Sorry About Tomorrow”.

Jim launched into the stuttering intro to the song “Getting Me Down”, Chris and Angel joining in. The sound mix for this gig was superb. The sound engineer had obviously spent time in getting the mix right. All the vocals and instruments mixing together to produce that rich Rezillos tonality that is truly theirs.


Time for a couple of new tracks again “Life’s A Bitch”, Fay delivered every word of this song as only she can, with such a force and passion. This is Fay Fife after all!  Eugene introduced the next track, the title of the new album “Zero”. He explained they had only tried it out live a couple of times. Jim jumped in with “and both times they were disastrous”, the band and the audience cracked up. Fay moved to take a position with a set of keyboards. Jim’s guitar crackled with the buzz saw opening riff for this largely instrumental track. Two words to sum it up “Just Brilliant”.

Time for another old song “No” and then it was into the stunning “Nearly Human”. Fay introduced the next track by saying she was handing it over to the boys “Mystery Action”.

“Good Sculptures” was up next and that hypnotic bass kicked in from Chris. The audience notched it up a gear and surged forward into a tight unit at the front. It was hot! Jim climbed onto a speaker and unhooked his guitar, nearly losing it as the strap slipped its button. The guitar was then offered to the audience and various strums were supplied to the strings! I think a string had broken, this didn’t stop Jim as he continued playing whilst, I think, fitting a new one. The Rezillos don’t stop for anything!

Jim bounced back to create the climax of the track and it was straight into “Top Of The Pops“. The crowd joined in at full tilt singing, shouting and having a great time with the chorus. This was just great and in my view is what its all about, excitement and fun. The Rezillos looked as if they were having a good time.

Watch: Brighton opening song – “I cant stand my baby“.

Chris then opened the next track with the familiar opener to “River Deep Mountain High” You really need to see Fay deliver her heart and soul whilst pouring it out for this one. A stunning rendition and backed with a band who were now revved up, going hell for leather! Eugene kicked in with “Destination Venus” – yet another Rezillos classic. How many classics have these guys got? The band had by now really whipped up everyone into a state of a Rezillos frenzy!


Jim started up the guitars again, last song of the night, “Somebodies Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In”. As Eugene growled the opening line of the song the front section of the audience exploded into action, some fell onto the floor, a bit of pushing and shoving, a bit of Rezillos mayhem – right there! And that was it! An hour – gone!

It took a while for the audience to leave when they finished. The Rezillos  loosened their grip on us. That’s how good the show was. The Rezillos are steeped in history, but they are still very much on target today. The mix of old and new material delivered in such style and gusto, as witnessed at this gig,  proves that.

The band had problems with their hotel the night before, after finishing a London gig, and finally crashed about 4.30am, how rock and roll is that! Anyway it didn’t make a difference – The Rezillos were on point, fresh and boy did they deliver.

Would I go see The Rezillos again? Just you try and stop me!

The Venue: Concorde 2, Brighton
An intimate venue and you can get pretty close to the stage. The sound was fantastic and the mix was spot on! A great job. The lighting in the main was good, roving lights and strobes. I think this may now be one of my favorite venues in Brighton. They do a great pint! A friendly crew and some security guys around.


Merchandise Stall
This is The Rezillos! And they just had to have a great selection of sized T’s, CD’s and Vinyl on sale, and they did!  A printed T was a very reasonable £15. Some posters, a brochure, new design T’s, 7 inch singles, CD singles, posters and more. A great selection to choose from and the band appeared for a short while to do a signing session and pose for photos.

Well done The Rezillos!

They also have a well managed Facebook page, Twitter and website.

Rezillos website

Rezillos on Facebook

Promoter: AGMP Concerts

All words, video and images – copyright Ian Bourn/Media Works

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