A night of live metal with Counting Days in Brighton

The Komedia was holding a metal event. Three bands on the same bill. The line up was The Mausoleum Trap, Death Remains and the evening headliners were Counting Days.

First up, Brightons own Trash/Metal band The Mausoleum Trap.
Members: Elliott Dixon – Vocals, Josh Morris – Guitar, Mike Bingham – Bass, Kyle Masri – Drums

Presently, well at the time of writing this, the band are in the studio recording their first CD.  A great energetic performance from the powerful vocals and blinding support from the band. Two tracks I recognised were Harlot and Mindless and these tracks are available on their Bandcamp page.

The Mausoleum Trap – Live in Brighton

Elliot Dixon, on vocals, leaped into action, literally, as the set started. The guy didn’t stop. His only restraint was the length of mic cable or I have a feeling he would have been mixing it with the audience. Elliot was everywhere and made sure a table wouldn’t be used again. His personality and talent, along with this stunning band, gave us a riot of a 30 minute set. Guitars, bass and a kicking rhythm from the drum kit in the corner welded together in a wall of buzzing metal.  This was loud, fast and a great set to start off the evening. The Mausoleum Trap were first on, but this didn’t matter they delivered what mattered – great music.

I grabbed a few words with Elliot after the show, he explained that the band had been in the recording studio and he had performed for us with painful vocal chords and had just been ill. Rock and Roll! So glad you and the guys put on a great show for us. Thank you and look forward to the forthcoming release!

The Mausoleum Trap – Facebook page

Next on the lineup was Death Remains.
Members (listing from Facebook): Barry O’Connor (Vocals) Marc Yacas (Guitar) Eljay Lambert (Guitar) Luke Jackson (Bass) ??? (Drums)

Death Remains are a London based Metal outfit. The 30 minute set ripped the audience apart. This was the third visit to Brighton for Death Remains and sadly the venue was not full.  Barry did invite everyone to form a circle and start moshing. I think his tongue was firmly in cheek. The drum kit broke a few minutes into their set. This was quickly put right with the assistance from the Counting Days drummer. After a small delay the band kicked in and blasted their way through the rest of their set. Their debut album ‘STAND.FIGHT.BELIEVE’ is out through In At The Deep End Records.

Death Remains - live in Brighton at The Komedia
Death Remains – live in Brighton at The Komedia

Death Remains – Facebook page

Headliners: Counting Days

Members (listing from Facebook): Members: Thom Debaere – Vocals, Charlie Wilson – Guitars, Bobby Daniels – Guitars, Alex Dench – Bass and Vocals, Lasselle Lewis – Drums

Counting days describe themselves as Metalcore/Metal/Hardcore. And I agree! These guys know their stuff and powered through their set list. The band have had some single releases and this includes the awesome ‘Die Alone‘  – if you only watch one video today – make sure its that one! Its stunning. Sadly the female section did not appear on stage in Brighton!

Thom Debaere takes the role of lead vocals. When the music starts – so does he. He has a vocal range and strength I have not witnessed in a long time. The set opener was “Burned by Faith”. The band already have a kick ass repertoire of stunning tracks. And they did most of them for us, the lucky few who had a ticket for this event. The surprise song for me was a sublime cover of the Slipknot track (SIC).

This band seriously kicked us right between the eyes and assaulted our eardrums with decibels of musical goodness. Don’t believe me? Then check out Life and Death which is so good live. Every electric, valve frying sound is perfectly nailed down into place with the chugging heaviest riffs I have heard in a while and brutally inspired guitar breakdowns reigned supreme.  Credit to the fabulous bass and drum sections of this outfit. There were more melodic heavy sections and these were also particularly well played and delivered. Perfect.

Counting Days - Live at The Komedia, Brighton.
Counting Days – Live at The Komedia, Brighton.

I feel I was really fortunate to have seen Counting Days live, and they were kind to give me photo access. The lighting in the venue was bad BUT there was a video crew there and I was able to piggy back his lights. Thank you to the cameraman!

Sands of Time was another outstanding track. We were also treated to a live rendition of Liberated Sounds. Breathtaking. Counting Days have their first album out and it is called “Liberated Sounds”.

Counting Days, live at The Komedia - Brighton.
Counting Days, live at The Komedia – Brighton.

I seriously enjoyed the set from Counting Days. All songs delivered in ear shattering goodness. It was a short set due to The Komedia early curfew – but they certainly packed enough material to satisfy the fans who had braved a wet and windy Friday night in Brighton. Great show Counting Days.

A great show from all three bands. Would I see them again? Oh yes! To see three talented, fresh and loud metal bands in one venue on one night was astonishing. I would happily pay to go and see any of the bands on this listing. A pat on the back to the promoter. A huge thanks to all the bands for giving the audience 100% on what was a rather quiet night.

Counting Days – Facebook page

The Venue: The small studio hall at The Komedia. Very compact indeed. A good bar and security staff on hand. The only real gripe is the lighting. There was lighting available just not well utilised and could use a resetting. The sound was just right for the venue. The drummers for all bands were almost invisible in the darkest recess of the stage. The vocalists also seemed to miss out on spotlights.

Merchandise: All bands had a selection of T’s – all good quality and really affordable, a good value price tag of £10. Various CD’s and vinyl available and again at great prices.

Promotion: Tigmus by arrangement with Saviour Management.

All pictures, video and words: Copyright Ian Bourn / Media Works.


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