Christmas songs – Love ’em or Hate ’em

Lookin back at some old and new Christmas videos and my thoughts…

2015 – I am Santa: Sees The Darkness bringing a sense of yule fun in their new single I am Santa. Nothing special, but it doesn’t disappoint as it ticks all the Christmas boxes. Some scowling guitar licks hidden amongst the sleigh bells. That Darkness sound rides along on an open sleigh to bring a joyous rockin’ party song. Now, is it just me or does it have a hint of Bruce Springsteen? Born to run springs to mind.

Not a bad effort from The Darkness. Its not Bells End but catchy enough. “I don’t want no chestnuts or Ferrero Rocher” – a killer line right there!

Their previous Xmas hit, that’s on the heavy festive rotation listing, is 12 now years old! Anything to keep X Factor off the No 1 slot. Love the crowd funded VHS look, it looks like how videos used to look after recording videos off Top of the Pops. And maybe after a couple of listens this could be a grower!

Thanks to The Darkness for doing this, and happy The Darkness are having another crack at a Christmas song, I still think it was a shame that Bells End didn’t get to number 1!

The Priscillas – just love these guys after seeing them live in Brighton – find out more about that here: The Priscillas.

This fine slice of punk/pop in my view seriously kicks Maria Carey’s Christmas offering off the back of the sleigh! As its The Priscillas – this slice of festive fun is packed with attitude, snarling guitars and a warmth to melt away the ice. Great vocals as usual from Jen. Go on, give this a couple of plays – it’ll hook you – wind you in, and leave so many other festive songs outside in the slush.

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