The Rezillos making Edinburgh Rock

The Rezillos

Fay Fife on vocals and keyboards
Eugene Reynolds on vocals and guitar
Angel Paterson on drums
Jim Brady on guitars and vocals
and Chris Agnew on bass guitar


I had seen The Rezillos earlier in the year – the question is could they deliver even more Rezillos goodness? Silly question really! The best just got better as the simple answer was “yes”!  Eugene had indicated to me the band were going to deliver one of the longest set lists they had done for some time. A promised mix of old and new songs was lined up and an animated video wall! The ingredients for a great night were in place.


The venue was The Liquid Room, Edinburgh. The Rezillos original “home town”. I had been incredibly lucky to see some of the sound check, some of the new merchandise and the assembly of the video wall and the montage of clips to be used during the show, including a clip from the movie Blade Runner.

Spizz had cleared the stage and a hurried crew had set up The Rezillos gear. Lights dimmed – the white lights flashed to the theme from Stingray. Jim Brady bounced onto the stage clutching a coffee – “alright?” he shouted. Angel, with a large bottle of water squeezed his six foot frame behind the drum kit. Chris Agnew crossed the stage and plugged in his bass guitar.

We were set, good to go! Edinburgh – are you ready – its show time!

Fay Fife - The Rezillos - Edinburgh Liquid Room.
Fay Fife – The Rezillos – Edinburgh Liquid Room.

Fay and Eugene came onto the stage met with a huge cheer from those lucky enough to get a ticket. Jim piled into his guitar, his hands just a blur as the opener was “Cant Stand My Baby”.  The video screen spluttered to life with green animated globules – rather like a retro 70’s lava lamp! Fay, leaning over the edge of the stage smiled at the crowd and then proceeded to bounce around the stage with the occasional shoulder shimmy, and then, that voice filled the auditorium. Fay delivers with such passion and energy, the crowd was transfixed from the get go! Eugene stepping forward with his guitar and sporting a new haircut and a double breasted jacket looked on point with “those glasses”. I had been chatting with Eugene about the glasses and those specs, let me tell you reader, they are a part of Rock n Roll history. Iconic.

The Rezillos - Live! Edinburgh: Liquid Room
The Rezillos – Live! Edinburgh: Liquid Room

The video screen had now switched behind Angel to showing legs! All beautifully animated of course. Two and half minutes of this Rezillos classic and you just knew you were in for a roller coaster of a night!

Next up was Groovy Room, a track from the sublime new album “Zero”. Eugene took the main lead vocal reigns for this track. The video screen showing the video for the song, made up from clips from The Addams Family TV series – brilliant! Jim supplying the buzz guitar for the track and Angel and Chris completing The Rezillos sound for this. Eugene delivering in only the way he can, class with a large helping of cool “sacre bleu baby”. Fay and Jim supplying backing vocals.

Next up was “Flying Saucer Attack” – a Rezillos classic. This was delivered with such power and the video wall displaying a beautifully crafted segment of err, well, flying saucers and they were attacking!

Jim was bouncing around the stage like a cat on a hot tin roof – no apologies for the cliche here! He really was. Jim never stands still – he is a showman and in my opinion is one of the best guitarists you can see. He nails it – every time and with a huge smile, he really does seem to love playing for us. He has captured the essence of The Rezillos from the early days but has put his own stamp on it, and really lets it rip on the newer material.

Angel, one of the original line up, sitting at the back provided pure drumming magic. His power and fills are astonishing. His back to the video wall I would have thought must have made it tricky with the strobe like flashing and bright lighting, but no, Angel was powering it out with such energy.  Also towards the back of the stage the man with the big stick providing the bass thunder stands Chris. As always he is astonishing to watch, again, like Jim, providing a true bass Rezillos sound to the classics and and to the exciting new tracks.

Another new track followed quickly, “Sorry About Tomorrow”. This has all the trademarks of a single – great lyrics and a catchy tune many song writers could only dream of creating. Fay took the vocals for this. Fay was having a great time, smiling, dancing and chatting and putting in the searing vocals for the performance. Fay looked great in her pink designer outfit. The band powered through this song as Jim and Fay bounced off each other across the stage – “cupid stupid, broken arrow!”.

Eugene Reynolds - The Rezillos - Edinburgh Liquid Room.
Eugene Reynolds – The Rezillos – Edinburgh Liquid Room.

“Spike Heeled Assassin” and “Tiny Boy” followed. “Tiny Boy” is a slow burner – allowing Fay to build the vocals as the band build the sound and kick in and build the tempo – Jim and Eugene delivering a powerful guitar backing. A stunning live version of this great song.

Time for Eugene “my baby’s got Mystery Action!”. The video wall showing a clip from Blade Runner. This is another Rezillos classic and after the previous two new tracks the crowd loved this blast from the past. Jim powering through his guitar solo spot.

Eugene looked as Eugene looks. The iconic wrap around shades. He told me these were the last ones, the original pair. They had obviously taken a battering over the years – and showed signs of careful repair and a paint job! Over the years his supply of glasses has dwindled. It was fascinating to see and hear about the glasses from the man himself. Eugene looked the part tonight with his black double breasted military  style dress tunic with brass buttons reflecting the light. He was sporting some neck gear. One item looked as if the red stone had been chiseled from the surface of some far off planet!

The Rezillos - Live! Edinburgh: Liquid Room
The Rezillos – Live! Edinburgh: Liquid Room

Next was another classic, “Bad Guy Reaction” and we were then given two new tracks “Life’s A Bitch” this saw Fay take lead, nothing can take away both the attack and verve of Fay Fife. The next track was the title of the bands latest album/cd “Zero” less vocals on this track but brilliantly delivered by the band. And again the finely crafted video wall matched the song perfectly.

Angel pounded out the drum intro to “No” giving Eugene the chance to brilliantly snarl his way through this one. The packed crowd chanting “NO!” at the appropriate moment and again Jim providing a stunning virtuoso guitar break. “It Gets Me” was next with Fay continuing to power through her songs.

It was time to head for the the build up I guess as Top Of The Pops, Good Sculptures, River Deep came at us in quick succession. The Rezillos hardly stopping for breath and the audience reacting with appreciation to each of the songs. Fay piled into her performance of “River Deep Mountain High”, at one point lying flat out on the stage screaming into her mic. A powerfully stunning performance and rendition of this classic.

“Destination Venus” was an encore number as was the crowd pleasing “Somebodies Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In”. And then they were gone! Some 20 songs, an hour and fifteen minutes of pure Rezillos goodness was over. The audience stood there, maybe hoping for another encore, but slowly started to head off only to see the band at the merchandise desk posing for photos and signing CD’s etc.

The Rezillos deliver in spades on stage and then come out to give their fans even more by coming out to meet and greet. Bravo Rezillos!

The Venue: The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
A nice venue situated just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. The sound was good considering the size of the venue, and was turned up nice n loud for this event! The sound mix whilst pretty good was not as sharp as say the Brighton gig. This may of course be due to the venue equipment. Fays vocals are always strong but at times seemed very loud, the keyboards were also very quiet. The lighting was pretty good. Good to see some security staff on site. The staff I met were fabulous, very generous with their time and advice. They do a great pint and really friendly bar staff.

rez t

Merchandise Stall
This is The Rezillos! And they just had to have a great selection of sized T’s, CD’s and Vinyl on sale, and they did!  Some new designs were on show for this gig. A printed T was a very reasonable £15. Some of the newer T’s were part of a trial run – so if you got one that may not get re issued you may have yourself a limited edition collectible! Some posters, a brochure, new design T’s, 7 inch singles, CD singles, posters and more. A great selection to choose from and the band appeared for a short while to do a signing session and pose for photos. The stand was well presented, clearly marked and a great selection of sizes.

Well done The Rezillos!

They also have a well managed Facebook page, Twitter and website. A new online shop could also soon be available.

Rezillos website

Rezillos on Facebook

Read my look at the Rezillos Brighton show.

Promoter: Regular Music

All words, pictures and personal videos are copyright Ian Bourn/Mediaworks.


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