A Night of Treason in Brighton.

A cold wet night out in Brighton? Whats not to like! A Night of Treason at Brighton’s Rialto Theatre promised to chase away the cold. Three bands, yep count them – three bands!

Skinny Milk, The Lost Boys and Brighton’s own Dirt Royal. This promised to be a great night. I had missed seeing The Lost Boys with Dirt Royal in Eastbourne and missed the up close and personal gig with Dirt Royal at The Monty on New Years Eve. I had been looking forward to seeing these bands on stage.

Skinny Milk, a new band were up first and this was their first gig.

Skinny Milk - photo by acidbox promotion
Skinny Milk – (photo from acidbox promotion)

Skinny Milk are two musicians Johnny Hart on Bass and vocals and Tim Cox on drums.

Johnny and Tim have been in a few bands over a three year period. The Vril most recently but before that they were in bands called – the 85’s and Two Finger Salute, both punk bands. The show was their first so there isn’t any real history of skinny milk I can share – YET!  They got together about 6 months ago after the Vril evaporated. 

I only saw these two guys perform a couple of tracks. The sound was incredible. I have not heard a bass produce such a variety of sound before and backed by some superb drumming. They were tight and loud with some blistering material. I hope to catch these two guys again soon – so watch this space! This was their first gig, and they were incredible to listen to and watch. The band had drawn a good crowd and went down a storm. Good job Skinny Milk.

Skinny Milk on Facebook

The Lost Boys are an indie band based in Southampton: Daniel Ash: Vocals/Guitar – James Millar: Bass Guitar – Shaun Ashley: Lead Guitar – Jason Daniels: Drums – Joel Doherty: Guitar/ Backing vocals/ tambourine

The Lost Boys - on stage in Brighton at The Rialto Theatre.
The Lost Boys – on stage in Brighton at The Rialto Theatre.

No – not a sign of Kiefer Sutherland hanging around in the dark corners of the venue!  The Lost Boys are an exciting five piece indie band.  Their band page describes them as follows: “If you like your music short and sharp, punchy and energetic and littered with humorous but yet touching lyrics, prepare to meet your new favourite band!” – I totally agree with that statement.

They quietly took to the stage and announced themselves. These guys are good, I mean really good. They have had some single releases and some video work on You Tube. The band filled the small stage – two guitars, keyboards, drums and bass. They filled the venue with their music. Songs were introduced with humour and good natured band member banter! A couple of songs in – and I was hooked.

The Lost Boys - Live at The Rialto Theatre - Brighton
The Lost Boys – Live at The Rialto Theatre – Brighton

The Lost Boys delivered some great songs for us and included “A Better Life” – a belter of a song with some some great riffs and Dan delivering some stunning vocals. The track featured some great keyboard and bass sections. The band backed with fabulous drumming from Jason filled in the sound and providing the overall rhythm. This song has a great feel to it and reminds you of other great tunes you may have heard on the radio from somewhere back in time. It is clear to me on my first viewing of The Lost Boys that they indeed have an extraordinary talent for performing and writing music.

They offer sharp lyrics all backed with great tunes. This combination kind of puts them in line with with other British bands – I will leave you to make your own minds up. ‘No Kisses’ and you could easily be fooled into thinking you were indeed listening to a track from back in the day.  The almost skiffle guitar work and the warmth of the track is superb and the harmonies provided by the other members made this a superb song from the set.

“I fall for everyone” is a great song also, have a listen and see what you think about influences on this band. It’s great! A real “classic” sound, and be warned it is very very catchy with a guitar hook to grab you and not let go!

When Paul Weller and Fred Perry recommends a band, you listen. A great set from The Lost Boys – enjoyed every minute.

The Lost Boys on Facebook

Final act of the night Dirt Royal – Charlie Russell: lead vocals/bass, Leon Fenton: lead vocals/guitar, Loz Hood: drums.

I was really excited to be back in front of Brighton’s own Dirt Royal. I had last seen them at a gig as support for The DeRellas. The band is an incredible mix of abilities and talent and there are just three of them. Don’t let the headcount fool you, like another three piece,  The Jam for example, these guys know how to deliver with a punch.

Dirt Royal - Live in Brighton at The Rialto Theatre
Dirt Royal – Live in Brighton at The Rialto Theatre

I was blown away last time I saw them – totally, you can read about it here, and I was looking forward to seeing them again. A quick beer with Charlie, Leon and Loz and the set list was created. What a line up of songs!

The appalling weather I think had taken its toll on numbers, but it didn’t matter as I was about to witness an extraordinary hour of guitar riffs, bass riffs and drum fills. Let the Treason begin!

Dirt Royal
Dirt Royal – Live!

The band jumped on stage, Charlie with a huge grin shouted “evenin’!     1,2,3,4……” and we were off. Leon and Charlie sharing vocal duties across the songs with backing ably delivered by Loz. Three songs fired at us, they were loud, fast and set the scene for the set. The songs were “Grind You Down”, “Girl In The Shop” and “It Was You”.  Three superb songs delivered fast and furious. Charlies bass guitar must be made of strong stuff, he throws it around and hammers out the riffs on it as if his life depended on it.

Dirt Royal on stage - Charlie on bass guitar and Loz on drums.
Dirt Royal on stage – Charlie on bass guitar and Loz on drums.

Next up we were treated to the bands latest single Dr Weekend ( one of my favourite tracks from Dirt Royal). Leon opening the song with the killer riff, bass guitar kicking in and Loz launching the drum assault. Charlie and Leon powered their way through the vocals on this track.

Charlie always looks to be enjoying every second of his time on stage and manages to pull off some great rock moves normally associated with lead guitar players, he was on fire tonight! The delivery of this song by the band reminded me of an early Green Day. The volume was cranked and the audience lapped this one up.  And I think I saw Dr Weekend himself in the audience.

Dirt Royal - Live
Dirt Royal – Live

“Glory Days”, “Army of Dogs” and “Busy Man” followed. The crowd now really enjoying this blistering set. Dirt Royal charged at us like a steam train, lights blazing with the whistle blowing. It was full steam ahead! Just outstanding tonight, really!

Dirt Royal are from Brighton describing them selves as ‘British Rock n Roll’. They have performed together since 2013, with a few self released EP’s and singles, and then in 2014 they released their stunning debut album ‘This is Now’ with Time For Action Records. If you live in the surrounding area then you need to get out there and see them live!

“Radio”, “Jam” and “Bobbies” were up next. Charlie returned the favour tonight. At the Eastbourne gig Charlie was invited to join The Lost Boys on stage for a couple of tracks. Tonight Dan was invited up. He and Charlie had a blast! The sound was incredible, an extra guitar to join Leon and again just on point vocals.

Dirt Royal Live. Dan, from The Lost Boys, and Charlie.
Dirt Royal Live. Dan, from The Lost Boys, and Charlie.

Time for one more, “Factory Fodder” was the song. Delicious guitar work from Leon and his brilliant vocals started the track, a cry again of “1,2,3,4” and the song notched into top gear.  And that was it! An hour gone – just like that! Dirt Royal totally delivered again. A great night of British Rock and Roll.

They have some exciting tour dates lined up and I suggest you check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I still standby what I said in my earlier article –
“Not heard of Dirt Royal? …… you will!

The Venue: The Rialto Theater, Brighton
A great intimate venue so you can get up as close as you want. The sound was really good considering the size of the venue. The sound guy constantly tweaking and adjusting to give us a good mix of the music. The lighting was pretty good! No horrible pinky/blue LED lights bathing the stage, so we could see the bands. Some friendly security guys on the door. A lovely venue and they do a great pint in a very smart bar downstairs.

Merchandise Stall
A selection of badges and CD’s and Vinyl on sale for The Lost Boys and Dirt Royal. The bands stayed around for awhile and were more than happy to sign some of their Merch.

Dirt Royal Website

Dirt Royal on Facebook

All words and images – copyright Ian Bourn/Media Works 2016.


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