Anne-Marie warms up Brighton

Not heard of Anne-Marie? It wont be long! Anne-Marie presents a well-rounded fusion of electro, R&B, hip hop and pop. She is a singer with Rudimental and not forgetting she is a British singer/song-writer and 3 times world karate champion!

Anne-Marie live on stage in Brighton.
Anne-Marie live on stage in Brighton.

As I write this it has been announced Anne-Marie has been crowned MTV’s Brand New For 2016 winner.  Following two months of voting and over 485,000 votes cast, the singer who racked up 204,000 of the votes alone, joins the likes of Justin Bieber, Krept & Konan and The Vamps as a MTV Brand New title holder.

The Brilliant D/C left the stage and I have to say they were really good. The Haunt was packed, I had never seen it so busy. This was the third night of Anne-Marie’s solo tour and I have a feeling it was going to give me a “I was there” claim. This lady had just recently performed on ITV and MTV and recently released an EP of songs, some backed up with a video on YouTube. Anne-Marie has basically lived at festivals  recently, and toured the world with Rudimental.

But tonight Anne-Marie – this is your night, this is your show.

Anne-Marie positively bounced onto the stage to a huge cheer from the audience. Not a second to waste here  straight into Karate and Gemini. Both songs introduced us to the stunning vocals that were set to cast a spell over us for the next hour. “Karate ” with the heavy drum and bass was a delight. This was one of Anne-Maries first official releases with a video to back it up and was a great way to open up the set. A quick “hello” with the audience and a laugh “you’re gonna have to get used to my laugh!”.

“Gemini” – this track is so smooth opening with some keyboard/synth work and then the vocals. Anne-Marie moving across the stage, no sign of any nerves, just an effortless glide matching the stunning backing from her brilliant band and sublime mix of music and vocals. The sound-mix was perfect tonight.

Anne-Marie live on stage in Brighton.
Anne-Marie live on stage in Brighton.

“Stole” was next. A showstopping track, which is an unusual thing to say about a slow tempo song. The slow drum pulse started the track and Anne-Marie delivered a searing live version for us. She actually seemed to be in the “zone” with this beautiful song and displayed some real heart rending emotion. Just stunning.

“Gonna add some glitter to the night” whilst pointing out the stage was covered in the glitter she had applied earlier! And we were taken into the “Breathing Fire” track. She told us that this track is what the up and coming album is all about. Full of bass, drums and a taster of what everyone can look forward to. Boy, Anne-Marie can deliver. I have to be honest as this is not the usual kind of music I have listened to, but it is now. I was enjoying every moment of this spellbinding performer and her musicians.

Anne-Marie and her favourite shoes!
Anne-Marie and her favourite shoes!

Anne Marie Changed the colours of her LED flashing shoes as the drums and bass launched us into “Boy”. A massive song, and a mix of humour and tongue in cheek. Anne-Marie bounced to this and unleashed her energy and a mix of karate moves!

Some beautiful keyboards took us into “Gentleman”. Another from Anne-Marie’s array of songs which highlight the extraordinary vocal talents of this lady. This song delivered with pure emotion, sincerity and almost a plea to the crowd for a Gentleman. The audience just stood transfixed – not a sound. This was one of my favourite tracks of the night, beautiful and packed with raw, genuine sentiment.

Another switch in style led us into a reggae styled drum and bass “Should’ve Been Me”. I am guessing this could be a track of the new album. This was another crowd pleaser as the audience – hands up in the air danced and swayed along to the driving rhythm and vocals. How Anne-Marie changes style is extraordinary – breaking her heart in front of us in one minute and then leading a “street” party the next. A star.

“One more song” she exclaims! She walked off the stage and came back with a box of Roses chocolates and delivered them into the audience – over-arm, under-arm and finally by the handfull! “Cover your eyes – so sorry….. oops sorry did that hit you in the face?” and all the time backed by her infectious laugh. Order restored “I used to love you” was next, another superb unknown to me track, so hopefully will be on the new album.

Anne-Marie live on stage in Brighton.
Anne-Marie live on stage in Brighton.

“I am going now – but – insert laugh – if you shout loud enough I will come back on!”

True to her word and a change of colour lights in her shoes – Anne-Marie bounced back on stage and we were treated to another slower tempo love song “Peak”.

Last song of the night was the just glorious “Do It Right”, which is the latest single. Keyboards with the opening chords – “Right” and we were off. A mix of rap/pop and R’N’B it all added up to one thing – party time as the hot and sweaty Haunt came back to life and jumped up and down and singing along with the chorus.

And that was it – show over. Anne-Marie knocked this show out of the park. A truly stunning evening of live performances, humour and fun. It actually felt we got to know Anne-Marie as her contact with HER audience invited us in and it felt as though she was chatting to her friends back home. A rare thing to achieve – a great night. Good job Anne-Marie!

Would I see Anne-Marie again? Oh yes – that’s a definite from me. Sadly though it probably wont be in such a small intimate venue as this lady is no doubt destined for bigger crowds and venues.

The Venue: The Haunt, Brighton
I like this venue and can create a great atmosphere. A fairly intimate venue so you can get up as close as you want, space allowing. The sound was actually pretty good. The lighting in the Haunt on the stage can be pretty dark, but tonight it wasnt bad!  The light on Anne-Marie was pretty good however and could be seen most of the time.  Friendly bar staff and a good pint!

Merchandise Stall
A small selection of T’s (designed by Anne-Marie)and CD’s and all reasonably priced.

All words, images and filmed video – copyright Ian Bourn/Media Works

Anne-Marie on twitter

Anne-Marie website

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