Dirt Royal: New Single – It was you

Dirt Royal
Dirt Royal

Dirt Royals new video – It was you. (IT WAS YOU is the B side of the single Dr Weekend. Shot on location in Brighton By Jack James Ford Directed and Produced By Jim Ford for Hotel Paranoia and Excelsior films.)

It’s a great track – Loz opening up with a drum roll, Guitars and Vocals from Charlie, Leon and Loz. Some great lyrics and a chance for Charlie to pull off some of his trademark moves. I like this – it is not over produced, it is stripped back just as Dirt Royal sound live. Its one of the catchiest new releases for me this year, and was originally hidden away on the B side of the vinyl release of Dr Weekend. Now it gets a release in its own right and deserves to go down as a classic punk/rock n roll track. Dirt Royal are a cracking three piece band  and their music continues to show maturity and class.

The video is just brilliant! Filmed in a cramped space, that’s always dangerous with these guys as they move around so much! The video captures the song brilliantly, its stripped back keeping in line with the Dirt Royal sound. Love the Sex Pistols poster and other items including a discreet poster for Dirt Royals “This Is Now” – and why not. So much admiration for this local, Brighton band and love the humorous touch right at the end of the video – so stick with it! Great job to all concerned with getting this cracking song and video out.

This record deserves airplay and it would be good to hear it on the radio. Dirt Royal work hard, play hard and deserve that wider audience.

So, sit back, open up the windows crank up your speakers and enjoy…. Dirt Royal!

Dirt Royal Website

Dirt Royal on Facebook


All words and images – copyright Ian Bourn/Media Works 2016.


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