The Electric Shakes – New Release

Members: Steve: Guitars/Vox Eric: Bass/Vox Basha: Drums/Vox
Genre: Punk, Rock, Soul, Fuzz
Hometown: Bournemouth

This is a blistering track from The Electric Shakes. That’s a helluva guitar running through this – overdrive set to 10! Its sharp enough to sever a spinal cord at 20 feet if you play it loud enough!

A great punk feel, vocals from Steve provide that classic attitude and style that gives this track an edge.

This track is good, real good and the overall sound and mix has been done well. This has all the required pogo energy and punk, almost garage rock, swagger to it. It ticks all the right boxes for this type of music. Whats great about this is the rich English attitude and sound to this, rather than just a copy of some of the USA bands.

Make no mistake, this is a great single, it’s just fun and as catchy as hell. Its got energy by the spadeful and explosive guitar , bass and drum rhythm hooks galore. Three listens and I’ve got it. There’s even a wolf whistle in there – in a Motley Crue style!

A start of buzz saw guitars – drum and bass hammering in as the vocals start – “long hair, cherry coloured lipstick, fake tan comes in a bottle – looks like you’ve been tang – – oed!”.

The lyrics provide an instantly recognisable scene of a Saturday night in many cities! Great job to the person who put the words together. A warm gentle bite of satire into Saturday nights out and that culture – Stereotypical Girls – brilliantly done.

Thankfully it looks like punk/rock songs are enjoying a resurgence, in main I guess thanks to the manufactured stuff out there. You can go and see a great band live for about £10 – Keep live music live and support the venues promoting them.

Their Facebook page says:  ***HIGH OCTANE***EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE***DANGEROUS*** – agree!

Have a listen – and dont forget to turn it up…… way up! Then buy it!

Thanks to The Electric Shakes for brightening up a dreary Friday afternoon! I love this.

Bandcamp page
Facebook page

Balls out, Punk Rock, Soul, Fuzz, 3 piece, hailing from Bournemouth U.K


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