OVERLOAD: Live at The Prince Albert
OVERLOAD: Live at The Prince Albert

I did catch the set from Overload, who were support for The Vibrators.

The band come from Cambridge and are made up with Teo – vocals, Jaime – drums, Gungle – guitar and Shinn – bass.

Overload is an appropriate name for this crew. The look of the band and the sound they generated is testament. They looked tough and, hell yeah! they sounded tough.

The musical genre they say they fit into is “brutal streetpunk /oi!”. Having a chat with a couple of members of the band after the set let me dispel that appearance they give up on that stage. They are a great band, warm and with a great sense of humour and the banter flew around, onstage and off. They are all accomplished musicians.

Teo is the vocalist and takes the main stage by the scruff of its neck.

The first track was “No Hope”. Teo is extraordinary. He stepped forward and leans menacingly into the face of the audience. He looked like a great white shark swimming against the tide sniffing out prey. Daring us to look him in the eye. He stepped back and the band kicked in!

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The audience were thrown headfirst into the staked pit of rough and ready pure street centered punk music. This very raw and brutal punk is back at you as the band pile into One by One. This really is in your face sound!

These guys making up Overload are full on. If you are lucky enough to see them play, just watch them and you will see what I mean! They have a raw punk sound and made it their own, its thrashy, its street punk with a fist of hardcore and Oi. Overload –  what you hear is what you get. Just watch Jaime on drums – head down – non stop and not sure he even has time to breathe! Full on bass mastery, support, and banter from Shinn. Gungle an absolute powerhouse on guitar sending a blistering array of riffs and chords that slam full tilt into our brains.

The band say “If you want to know what we are about then please feel free to read our lyrics. If you aint got time for that we aint got time for you.”

There’s no frills, fill ins, or extras with Overload.  If you love punk these guys will confirm that for you! If you are new to them, as I was, they will show you what this kind of punk sounds like. Great to see there are bands out there doing it and playing it damned well.

An awesome thirty minutes. I chatted with Shinn after the set and he seemed generally surprised to get an earful on how good they and their set had been. They worked hard and seemed to blow the audience away! Great job! That was one hell of a performance.

OVERLOAD on Facebook

Download their album for FREE! Download for free and enjoy and give them a contribution! The band advise not to get it from anywhere else that may charge for it. You see, I did tell you, they are a great bunch of guys.

The Venue: The Prince Albert, Brighton
An intimate venue so you can get up as close as you want. The sound was good considering the size of the venue, and was turned up nice n loud for this event! The lighting was not great, although a little better as someone was operating the spots, but still very dark. Parts of the stage at times were very dark and made it difficult to see the entire band.  Could do with a little more overall stage brightness or attention prior to a gig. But they do a great pint and friendly bar staff.

All words, images and video – copyright Ian Bourn/Media Works and the artists involved

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