Voodoo Eye – The WitchDoktors


PLANET ANDY: Lead Holler, Gretsch ‘n’ Gibson Geetars, loud attire
BIG T: Gibson ‘n’ Gretsch Geetars, B.Vox, Gob Iron, shades
ZIG C: Fender Precision Bass, scary shouting, shades
MR COLFAR: Drum kits. Wild wild wild youth.

So honoured to be part of the release of the new album from The WitchDoktors – its called Voodoo Eye. I put together the launch video trailer, working with the guys over a number of weeks created a 1 minute video that’ll treat the viewer to snippets of some the new songs, some new exclusive pictures and live footage.

The video trailer – could it be a little like sex? Starts slow – builds up and hits fast and frantic at the end! Hopefully it gives a taste of the new album and what its like to see these guys live. They are truly magnificent to watch and listen!

I think they even used a pic I took on their camera on the back cover!

I have been lucky to preview some of the tracks – and trust me when I say they are awesome. I think it very safe to say that there are no fillers on this album and I cant wait to hear the full disc and see the guys do some of it live on their tour.

Well done Bomber Music for signing up The WitchDoktors, this could be the album release of the year so far for many!

Go on, turn it up – give it a watch! See them live and go grab a copy of this stunning album release!

Some info and links!

Pre-order/Purchase – Voodoo Eye

The WitchDoktors on Facebook

The album released by Bomber Music

All words, pictures and personal videos are copyright Ian Bourn/Mediaworks.


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