Brighton: No Escape – The WitchDoktors – Voodoo Eye tour

The WitchDoktors
The WitchDoktors

The WitchDoktors

The mighty WitchDoktors rolled into town, arriving in their supercharged Hypnosonic rock’n’roll mobile! The Prince Albert in Brighton was gonna shake tonight! I was going to be spoilt tonight thats for sure, not one but two of my favourite bands playing live. It was hot in there, sweaty, loud and clammy – YEAH!

The WitchDoktors were back on the road to promote their new album “Voodoo eye”

PLANET ANDY: Lead Holler, Gretsch ‘n’ Gibson Geetars, loud attire
BIG T: Gibson ‘n’ Gretsch Geetars, B.Vox, Gob Iron, shades
ZIG C: Fender Precision Bass, scary shouting, shades
MR COLFAR: Drum kits. Wild wild wild youth.

Tony had promised a new set and he mentioned to me this was going to be “a ballad free zone”. He wasn’t kidding.  The Witchdoktors are legends, almost. Formed in 1986 they have long established themselves as one of the UK’s greatest ever Garage Punk bands.

Watch the album trailer!

“Come closer, come closer” urged Andy as Tony launched the blistering opener of the set “High Society”, also the first track off the new album. Zig, his hair and glasses almost covering his face hammered at us with his bass guitar as Mr Colfar hit the drums as if his life depended on it.

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Andy with his sparkling silver Gretsch guitar howling at us, gave a great vocal into to the set. These guys are good, really good. The band in this day of over produced music and X Factor winners provide a welcome relief with good time music, dancing around the small stage constantly led by heavy bass riffs delivered by Zig.

Title track Voodoo Eye was next. This is a slice of the finest! “A full on kicking rocker – a real cocktail of trashy 60’s garage and heads down 70’s punk snarl! Totally terrific!!” Kerrang!

Big Black Sack was next and followed by the stompingly good Seven Days and Seven Nights. Movie Star, from the $3 dollar hooker album and Tie Me Up brought the set to a stunning close. An encore was called for and the guys obliged with two – Bowie’s Sufragette City a la WitchDoktors style – and boy, did it kick us between the eyes.


The WitchDoktors were melting in the heat before our eyes, but they hadn’t finished yet – “one more?” – oh yes – The Damned Neat Neat Neat was howled at us, Zig hammering the intro on his bass and I think it may have just been slightly faster than the original!

The WitchDoktors are in my opinion simply one of the most phenomenal live acts out there! Go see them as they tour and help to #keepmusiclive. Great show WitchDoktors! Until the next time….

The Album

I was so lucky to be asked to build the Voodoo Eye album launch video. It took many rebuilds, texts and emails with the band who got signed to Bomber Music half way through the process.Congrats to the WitchDoktors for that and Bomber Music have a damn fine band in the fold.


Produced by Pat Collier (Ruts DC, UK Subs, Wonderstuff, Jesus & Mary Chain) and Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, David Bowie, H.I.M, Robert Plant) If you want something that bottles up elements of a live show then this album, Voodoo Eye will do the trick for you. This is the bands 4th album and follows a great album from 2008’s $3 Hooker .

So take a watch and a listen to the trailer above! This is the album release of the year so far for me. The album grabs you for the full 13 tracks. No Fillers and no ballads! It doesnt stop. A relentlessly enjoyable assault on your eardrums! Play it loud is my advice and when the neighbours come knocking tell them there is no escape from the Voodoo Eye, and they better send for The WitchDoktors!


What the press said…
‘A fuelled-up cocktail of punk rock ‘n’ roll attitude with a sassy twang of trash-a-billy, a bitter twist of country attitude, all whizzed up in a fuzzed-out garage!’ Vive Le Rock

The WitchDoktors on Bomber Music

Video for Voodoo Eye launch for The WitchDoktors – IANB/Media Works

All words, pics and video – IAN BOURN – Media Works

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