Brighton: The DeRellas back in town!


It was hot in there, sweaty, loud and clammy – YEAH!

The DeRellas:

The DeRellas are:
Steve DeRella
Timmy DeRella
Mark Bishop
Luca DeRella – was ill and missed the gig.

I last saw the DeRellas back in February, when we were introduced to Steve DeRella, the new frontman/vocalist/guitarist.

The DeRellas have been real busy since then, touring right across the UK and including Scotland, at the famous Bannermans Bar. They have dates coming up in Europe and a new album to record.

The DeRellas
The DeRellas

As always, and even a man down, The DeRellas gave us a helluva show. Luca was ill and so sadly Brighton missed him again. Also the band had to contend with some sound issues at The Prince Albert that night. These loveable rogues, The DeRellas, always deliver and tonight was no exception cutting to the bone of punk rock n roll. They offer us a generous slice of 70’s glam tinged sleazy rock and roll. Its just great! Great to watch the band go through their paces, the set and just great to listen to.

Timmy DeRella
Timmy DeRella

The band have released two albums so far, and Timmy DeRella was really excited about the band recording a new selection of songs which should be with us later in the year. I cant wait!

The set was a short one tonight, and some of the standards were missing – never mind, what we got was 30 minutes of pure unadulterated DeRellas goodness. Bass man Timmy was on fire twisting, high kicking and jumping all over the stage.  Timmy had a lucky escape whilst performing his acrobatics in Edinburgh – he jumped into the air and the stage gave way when he landed. Timmy, ever the professional, continued the song only visible from the waist up! Steve, no leopard skin print coat tonight “I am warm enough” he told me. He was sporting some huge sunglasses. Bish sitting at the back, his Alice Cooper “Schools Out” tattoo catching attention.

The DeRellas - Bish and Steve
The DeRellas – Bish and Steve

We got the crowd pleasers led by Steve and Timmy and they included She’s a Pistol, Rock N Rollercoaster, Kids Wanna Slam. Steve introduced a song “a little something for the ladies” and gave us Be My Baby! Mark, Bish, was as always magnificent sitting behind his kit giving a suitable barrage of powered audio rhythm goodness. He really does work hard, and as usual two songs in, off came the T Shirt. And yes, again, after his set the sticks looked as if they had been through a wood chipper!

The DeRellas - Bish on drums
The DeRellas – Bish on drums

It was great to catch up with the guys, Timmy chatting about the new album, Steve chatting about the Electric Shakes, the new DeRellas album and photos. Bish always a great person to chat with – we chatted about tattoo’s and Alice Cooper! Also hopes for the DeRellas as Bish hinted what this new album is going to offer – cant wait!

The DeRellas are one of those bands who are always good fun to watch live, they have a knack of pulling you in with their infectious brand of glammed up punk. Leave what you know at the bar , take a few deep breaths and prepare yourself for a great 30 minutes of pop-punk that you can pogo to! Few do it better. Its simply great music and good fun. In other words – Go Go DeRellas!

Timmy is quoted when asked for one of his favourite venues “I love the Prince Albert pub in Brighton. Its a small steamy venue, with a great rock n roll vibe.” Thank you DeRellas you certainly delivered tonight!

The DeRellas - Steve
The DeRellas – Steve


The DeRellas store

All words, pics and video – IANB – Media Works

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