Last Man On Earth

The Zipheads release music video for “Last Man On Earth” off upcoming album “Z2:Rampage”

Band Members:

Ray – Guitar / Vocals
Tom – Double Bass / Vocals
Will – Drums

My advice – Just turn this up! What a tune!

UK psychobilly group The Zipheads have premiered a brand new music video for their track “Last Man On Earth”.

This track is as exciting as the video! I kept hanging on for sight of Mad Max or at least Tina Turner! Post apocalyptic setting for the video and an end of the world fueled song for after the bomb drops. Perfect!

The intro as the band set up for a session are distracted as a tv crackles with with a warning about an incoming atomic attack. Guitars open up and hit you right between the ears then the drum and guitars drop throw you into a fuzzed up, punked up, psychobilly world.

One listen and you will hit the rewind icon. Searing guitar breaks and riffs, stunning bass lines and a nuclear powered up drum kit. All of this links together with a nuclear infected chorus that will contaminate you for ever after that initial hit from the shock wave this song pushes out.

“Because everyone is gone and I’m left behind
I’m the last remaining hope of all mankind
They’re all gone without trace
I’m the sole survivor of the human race
Well I guess things could be worse
Last man on Earth”

The Zipheads
The Zipheads (video grab)

The track appears on the band’s forthcoming album, ““Z2:Rampage”, which is due out November 11th on Bomber Music. The track and video have also been included in Classic Rock Magazine’s ‘Track Of The Week’ feature.

This as as fast and furious as you could possibly want, all mixed in with a great steam punked up video! If this track was on the radio when it all kicked off, at least my foot would be tappin’ A great job Zipheads!

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